Are you tired of your boring work-home-sleep routine? Want to add some thrill in your life?

If the answer is affirmative, it’s high time you did something for an adrenaline rush!

You know, there are hundreds of possible ways to get that. You may start hunting, kayaking, traveling around the globe, or simply purchase the best paintball gun for paintballing.

Paintball is a funny yet tactical sport for every sports lover of any age and skill level. This is a breathtaking game where every player tries to shoot the opponent player with a gun.

What do you think? Are those guns filled up with bullets?

NO! How could you think about that?! These guns use paintballs instead of bullets.

Either way, you would love to play or practice your shot, using proper tools is the very first requirement. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of options available in the market while choosing the right product. So here I’ve listed the top 10 paintball guns, which are worth to check out.

Let’s get started!

Product Name
Editor's Rating

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Azodin Blitz 3

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Tippmann 98 Custom

3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Action Village Tippmann U.S.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paintball Gun

The best paintball handgun might not necessarily be the perfect choice for you. Everyone has their own preference. That’s why you should know which things you have to consider before buying the right gun.


Electronic or Mechanical Guns: Which One Is Right for You?

Electronic markers are battery-powered, and there’s a circuit board for firing paintballs. This circuit ensures speed, consistency, and accuracy of firing. Further, it makes the tool compact and lightweight.

As you don’t need to activate the firing manually, its trigger-pull is comparatively shorter than the mechanical ones. Thus they come at a higher price too!

On the contrary, mechanical guns need to operate manually. These guns use compressed air or CO2 as the power source. Mechanical arms are user-friendly, require minimal maintenance, reliable, and easy to repair. However, they come at a lower price as well as they do lack speed, accuracy, and are comparatively louder.


Weight and Comfort

The paintball guns can weigh between 1 to 15 pounds and beyond. But if you play for a long time in a row, you should go for the lightweight one.

Furthermore, the majority of the paintball guns weigh around 5 pounds. But you can easily find a few good products within 2-3 pounds. Choose the one you feel the most comfortable.


Construction Material and Durability

Durability is a major concern before choosing a beginner handgun. The strength depends on the material of the product. Let’s check a few mostly used materials used to build a paintball gun.

  • Aluminum

It is the most popular material for building a product. It makes the pistol lightweight and budget-friendly. But aluminum can easily bend with pressure, so we have to handle it with care.

  • Stainless-Steel

The stainless-steel is mainly sturdier than aluminum. But it makes the gun more substantial and raises the cost. 

  • Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean and maintain.


Price and Quality Ratio

A higher price doesn’t always mean a quality product and vice versa. I know price plays a vital role before choosing the right product. But you should check the quality too along with the price.


Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Review

After the incident of Northern California and Washington State, we certainly don’t want to risk our children without providing the right paintball gun. You can reduce the risk of these incidents by choosing the right tool.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 best paintball gun reviews in detail:

01. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

If you care for brand value along with product quality, this Tippmann TMC MAGFED might be your first choice. This MAGFED gun can meet all of your expectations from a paintball gun.

 Dual feed option

■ Magazine Fed or Hopper 




 Full pneumatic



This gun is made to mimic live military ammo. The most impressing fact about this shooter is its design. This gun is almost similar to the U.S. military’s standard firearm named M4 Carbine. You will get the best feelings from a game by using this realistic gun.

Moreover, this gun comes with two 20-round magazines. Further, there is a dummy magazine in the toolbox. If you like to use a hopper instead of the magazine, that’s completely fine. It makes this product highly versatile.

This .68 caliber paintball gun also has an effective 150 feet range. And it can shoot in 250-325 FPS with the 12-inch barrel. Though it comes with 12-inches, you can easily replace that with a longer one.

For a customized gun lover, this is a real gem! Thanks to its multiple RIS, this allows attaching almost anything in its body. You can attach lasers, grips, or sights very efficiently.

This tool comes with a dual-feed option. You can use either traditional loader or go for the MAGFED option. Personally, I love this feature.

What we like :-

✔ Designed replicating a military-style gun
✔ Highly customizable
✔ Internal steel gas line
✔ Comes with two magazines
✔ Dual feed option

What we don’t like:-

✘ Smaller air tank
✘ Hard to disassemble


If you are fond of a paintball marker with the magazine, this Tippmann TMC MAGFED is probably your best bet. This tool is damn accurate, highly customizable, reliable, and affordable. Do you need anything more from a paintball gun?

02. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

You might be thinking ‘another Tippmann marker?!’ Yes, here’s another one. And this is called Tippmann Cronus. Tippmann Cronus makes this list for a couple of essential reasons. Let’s find those together.

Paintball Mask (Anti Fog )

■  Loader (Gravity-Fed)

 Paintball Harness, Pods And CO2 tank

 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


 Picatinny Rails Ensure Easy & Fast Custom Modification.

High performance With low maintenance



The very first important fact about this gun is its body. Tippmann made this gun very lightweight compared to its brothers. Further, the olive, black, and black and tan colors make this device perfect for the battleground.

Also, the secure triggering system makes this tool highly efficient for both beginner and intermediate level players. Players can trigger this gun only by using a single finger.

Don’t think that Tippmann forgot about its performance while considering the design. Well, this .68 caliber gun with 9 inches barrel has the most effective shooting range.

With the blessing of CO2 compressed air technology, it can shoot accurately within 150 feet range. I love its accuracy. It’s damn good!

Further, the semi-automatic mode with a mechanical trigger makes it capable of shooting up to 15 balls per second. Thanks to its easiest operating mechanism, even the beginners also shoot like a pro with this tool.

Just like the previous Tippmann MAGFED, the Cronus also comes with four rail integration system (RIS). You already know, RIS makes the gun highly customizable. Who doesn’t want a customize gun?

The Tippmann Cronus is straightforward to disassemble. Even the beginner level players can do it without facing any hard time. However, this tool requires very little maintenance. But with regular lubrication and cleaning, this gun can last for several years.

What we like :-

✔ An excellent choice for the beginners
✔ Requires less maintenance
✔ Durable
✔ Highly accurate
✔ Comfortable vertical grip

What we don’t like :-

✘ Slower fire rate
✘ The stock barrel may need to update for pro players


This Tippmann Cronus is regarded as the successor of the Tippmann 98 marker. With the rugged body, ergonomic feel, higher accuracy, and secure maintenance system, this tool won’t disappoint any user.

03. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

If you prioritize accuracy and smoothness, this Empire Axe 2.0 might be your right choice. Is this tool good for you? Let’s find out.


■ Ramp

Burst &  Full Auto

Adjustable Trigger

 Pressure Controlled Poppet Engine 

■ Wrap-Around Rubber Foregrip



The very first noticeable feature of Empire Axe is the simplistic design. This electro-pneumatic tool comes with four colors: black, dust green, dust tan, and dust silver.

This tool offers all firing modes that you may need from a paintball gun. It offers semi, ramp, burst, and full Auto firing modes. Thus it becomes the most versatile one.

The standard operating pressure of this tool is 200 PSI. But it may bounce between 190 and 200 during playing. Further, its firing velocity is 280 to 290 FPS. This is perfect for getting a smoother, consistent, and accurate shot.

Also, the attached 12-inches barrel works surprisingly fine with this tool. However, if you are a pro player, upgrading the barrel will help you achieve more.

The anti-chop technology prevents the paintballs from breaking inside the gun.

Along with all of these features, maintenance of this feature is also handier than other guns. There’s a push button to remove the bolt. Thus you’ll get a tool-less maintenance system on this tool.

What we like :-

✔ Electro-Pneumatic
✔ Anti-Chop technology
✔ Four firing methods
✔ Tool-Less maintenance
✔ ASA on/off

What we don’t like :-

✘ The barrel needs to be upgraded
✘ Heavier than other markers


This is one of the most reliable pistols with guaranteed smoother experience on the field. If you like electro-pneumatic guns, go for this Empire Axe.

04. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

The Empire Mini GS is the successor of the legendary Empire Mini. Novices and veteran players favor this versatile tool.  

Paintball Mask (Anti Fog )

■  Loader (Gravity-Fed)

 Paintball Harness, Pods And CO2 tank

 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


 Picatinny Rails Ensure Easy & Fast Custom Modification.

High performance With low maintenance



The Empire Mini GS Marker is equipped with a superior pressure controlled poppet engine. This engine is built exclusively to get the best performance from this device.

Along with this powerful engine, you’ll get a renovated trigger frame, improved rubber grip, OLED indicator board, ASA regulator, etc. I’m amazed to get all of these features in this budget-efficient gizmo.

This paintball gun mainly works like a semi-automatic gun. But you can also use burst shots and can get up to 6 shots within a second. It makes this tool one of the best paintball guns we reviewed.

Additionally, you can use this tool for almost every paintball game such as woodsball, speedball, scenario, and airball. This compact aluminum constructed shooter is lightweight and suitable for consistent fire.

What we like –

✔ LED indicators
✔ Lightweight
✔ Higher firing rate
✔ Foregrip attachment point
✔ E-Trigger

What we don’t like :-

✘ Not suitable for longer range
✘ Not handy for taller players


If you prefer maneuverability and speed, this Empire Mini G.S. is the right choice for you. Along with all of these advanced features, it is no surprise that it gains acclaim popularity in the consumer market.

05. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

If you consider yourself as a beginner or intermediate level player, this gun will work best for you. This military styled handgun is a perfect choice for woods play.

Paintball Mask (Anti Fog )

■  Loader (Gravity-Fed)

 Paintball Harness, Pods And CO2 tank

 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


 Picatinny Rails Ensure Easy & Fast Custom Modification.

High performance With low maintenance



Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker comes with the optimum combination of durability and performance. This sturdy model is simpler enough to operate. Tippmann claims that even the kids can manage this tool with ease.

As this is a lighter tool, it will better suit the woodsball rather than speedball. The lightweight feature helps the player to run with this tool with ease. Further, the molded rubber grip makes this tool more efficient to play for a long time.

This model is compatible with both High-Pressure Air (HPA) and CO2 tank. This feature increases the versatility of this product. With the help of a built-in gas line, you can feed the paintballs from the hopper.

Additionally, the vertical grip will provide you more support during firing. Further, there are four extra rails attached to the body. You can add more tools to that box as needed. However, I’ll suggest you to do this. It helps to play more efficiently.

What we like :-

✔ HPA and CO2 compatible
✔ Rubber grip
✔ Internal gas line
✔ Lightweight
✔ Easy to maintain

What we don’t like:-

✘ Plastic body
✘ Slower fire rate


It doesn’t matter whether you’re professional or not; the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker is the right choice for everyone. Overall, this tool feels surprisingly comfy at your hand, and that’s amazing!

06. Azodin Blitz 3

Azodin is one of the newest manufacturers in the paintball industry. But they have already introduced a bunch of great products like Blitz 3. If you need an overall perfect electronic marker, then this is the one you should take.

Paintball Mask (Anti Fog )

■  Loader (Gravity-Fed)

 Paintball Harness, Pods And CO2 tank

 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


 Picatinny Rails Ensure Easy & Fast Custom Modification.

High performance With low maintenance



The Azodin Blitz 3 is made of durable nylon material. This nylon frame made this tool highly rugged and long-lasting. So, if you drop the gun accidentally, it won’t cause any damage.

And if you want to know about its efficiency, I’ll suggest you take a look at the design. Azodin designed this tool as simple as they could.

There are no extra fittings, hoses, or other gadgets that may interrupt your view. It helps to keep your eyes focused on the target.

You’ll get a 12-inches Autococker barrel with this marker. I won’t say it’s a good choice. But you can easily change the barrel with your preferred one. By the way, you can shoot up to 20 BPS with this 12-inch barrel. This is cool for beginners.

Further, this device is compatible with both CO2 and compressed air. With the help of that, you can fire in four different modes, which are PSP ramp, millennium ramp, CFOA semi-auto, and semi-automatic.

Another unique feature of this tool is the safe mode. It prevents any accidental firing and also keeps the device safe around your kids.

Additionally, the availability of mass flow valve, zen board, low-profile lock feedneck, and Scythe trigger has made this gun unbeatable within this price range.

What we like :-

✔ Safe mode
✔ Four firing modes
✔ Perfect air system
✔ Autococker barrel thread
✔ Scythe trigger

What we don’t like :-

✘ Generates louder sound
✘ Not recommended for tournament-level


If you want a performance-based product, the Azodin Blitz 3 will satisfy you for sure.

07. Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Starter Kit

Tippmann TPX is another successful feather on Tippmann’s cap. The higher standard within a moderate budget makes this tool a good pick.

Paintball Mask (Anti Fog )

■  Loader (Gravity-Fed)

 Paintball Harness, Pods And CO2 tank

 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


 Picatinny Rails Ensure Easy & Fast Custom Modification.

High performance With low maintenance



While talking about Tippmann TPX, the first thing to consider is its design. The metallic frame with a military look feels like a real weapon.

There is an under-barrel Picatinny Rail to fire with more accuracy. This barrel allows the players to attach additional gears for easy upgrading.

This tool comes with a clear ammo case. This transparent case helps the user to indicate when it’s time to reload the ammo.

The firing of this tool is very accurate and quick. It uses compressed CO2 for firing. There is a 12-gram tank attached underneath the barrel. However, you can’t refill the tank. You have to purchase a new container after emptying the current one.

This handgun looks too real that people may often mistake it with a real one. Be cautious about that!

What we like :-

✔ Composite body
✔ Molded rubber grip
✔ Customizable
✔ Looks almost real
✔ Inline bolt system

What we don’t like:-

✘ Lower quality holster
✘ CO2 tank isn’t refillable


Though there are few drawbacks of this TPX gun, this .68 pistol is something you can always rely on!

08.  Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

What can I say about this classic legend! The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun is a solid performer and reputable for being fast, reliable, and accurate.

Paintball Mask (Anti Fog )

■  Loader (Gravity-Fed)

 Paintball Harness, Pods And CO2 tank

 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


 Picatinny Rails Ensure Easy & Fast Custom Modification.

High performance With low maintenance



This legendary marker was first released in 1998. However, don’t think that this is the very same model that came out 22 years ago. Though the design is still the same, things have changed under the hood.

Furthermore, this semi-automatic gun is made of metal. So, it can resist this tool from any rolling, falling, crawling, or weather issues. And the metal body makes this tool highly durable too.

Further, this is very lightweight. You can go several hours of gameplay with this handgun. Trust me, this gun will feel like a breeze, and it won’t feel anything on your shoulder or hand.

The presence of Anti-Chop Technology (ACT) makes this tool even more preferable for paintball lovers. ACT minimizes the risk of paint breakage.

Moreover, the premium firing capabilities of Tippmann 98 can blow you away. Its feed rate is 8 BPS. Getting such a great speed from this tiny tool is a blessing. Just think about how much paintball match you can win with such a higher bullet per second (BPS) gun.


What we  like :-

✔ Metallic design
✔ Compact
✔ Accurate
✔ Low operating pressure
✔ Easy to upgrade

What we don’t like :-

✘ Heavier than other Tippmann products
✘ Stiff trigger


Tippmann 98 is the purest combination of beauty and class. This is a must-have tool for every old school guy.

09. Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Tippmann A-5 is well known in the industry for reliability and durability. It serves well even in the most extreme circumstances. 

Paintball Mask (Anti Fog )

■  Loader (Gravity-Fed)

 Paintball Harness, Pods And CO2 tank

 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


 Picatinny Rails Ensure Easy & Fast Custom Modification.

High performance With low maintenance



Tippmann uses die-cast aluminum to manufacture this Tippmann A-5. Though aluminum isn’t something to boast of, it increases the durability of any gun without adding much weight to it. 

To make this A-5 more lightweight, Tippmann uses aluminum only in the barrel and internal components. They used high-grade polymers for the grip and other non-moving parts. Thus it gets even lighter. 

Tippmann A5 is designed well for easier upgradation. It offers two trigger updates, which includes a Response Trigger Update and the E-grip selector. You can also upgrade this tool by using pressure kits, different stocks, barrel kits, etc.

Unlike the previous Tippmann Cronus and other products, the Tippmann comes with a rapid-firing system. It ensures that you can fire as fast as you want.

Additionally, the Cyclone Feeder System makes the loading efficient and quicker. These two unique features make this tool a dream-come-true type paintball gun among the players.

Furthermore, the shock-absorbing facility, higher firing and feed rate, easy maintenance, tool-free assembling, and disassembling features make this tool a perfect choice among the paintball lovers. 

What we like :-

✔ Cyclone feed system
✔ Rapid firing system
✔ Easy to customize
✔ Shock absorbing facility
✔ 8 BPS firing rate and 15 BPS feed speed

What we don’t like :-

✘ Uses a lot of air
✘ Short barrel


The consensus is that Tippmann A5 has very fewer faults than the higher number of pros. It’s an excellent choice with which you can grow old and enhance your skills.

10. Action Village Tippmann U.S. Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun Package Kit

If you don’t want to spend your time on market research and prefer all-in-one tools, this Tippmann U.S. Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun is made for you!

Paintball Mask (Anti Fog )

■  Loader (Gravity-Fed)

 Paintball Harness, Pods And CO2 tank

 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


 Picatinny Rails Ensure Easy & Fast Custom Modification.

High performance With low maintenance



This package is solely designed for the traveling and paintballing enthusiasts. It can provide you all of the fun you’ll need to enjoy your camping or long-cherished weekend.

Furthermore, this Action Village package includes 11 tools such as:

  • A paintball marker
  • Carry handle
  • Red dot sight
  • Folding front grip
  • 20 oz CO2 tank
  • A warrior paintball squeegee
  • GXG 200 round loader
  • Paintball harness
  • GXG XVSN paintball mask
  • 140 round paintball pods and
  • An assorted color play paintball wrist band

Ah! Such a long list!

This all-in-one tool will make you more flexible as well as an efficient competitor in the field. This Mini G.S. is arguably the most cost-effective marker you can acquire.

Besides, this semi-automatic gun is made of full metal. Metal may add a little bit of weight, but it also increases the efficiency and accuracy of this tool.

Further, using this Tippmann product isn’t rocket science. Even the novice players can handle this product with ease.

There will be a bonus in this package, which is a “Teamwork and Strategy, Training Manual.” I’ve found this manual quite good for the beginners. You can learn about different tools, teamwork, and definitely tips and tricks while playing as a team.

What we like :-

✔ Metal body
✔ Heavy-Duty Braided Steel Gas Line
✔ Easy pull trigger
✔ 12-inches barrel
✔ Velocity adjusting screw

What we don’t like:-

✘ Red dot sight has some fitting issues
✘ If not maintained, HPA might leak


This is a highly efficient and budget-friendly product that you may get your hands on. However, the only difficulty is the assembling issues. Also, only a few practices will help you to overcome this problem.

How We Wrote This Review?

Thousands of paintball guns are available in the market right now. So, it was tough to find the best ones from those. However, our professional research team has made this process incredibly easier and smoother.

Here’s the step by step process of selecting and collecting information about these products.

  • Step 1

At first, we have collected several well-known guns from the retailer stores and online stores. These products vary from price, quality, weight, and other points of view.

  • Step 2

After that, we sort out these products based on performance, budget, and premium features.

  • Step 3

These left us almost 47 guns to check manually. Now it’s time to play!

  • Step 4

After that, we thoroughly checked all of these 47 guns to find out the top 10 guns. This checking includes efficiency, speed, quality, body material, durability, etc.

  • Step 5

Then, the number was reduced to 20. And the game becomes more stringent than ever!

  • Step 6

In this scenario, we need to head to a more critical test. We divided our research team into two different groups to play a paintball match. And they chose their guns randomly.

  • Step 7

After a successful paintball match, we selected the final products according to their opinion about real-life usage during a game.

Thus we got our final ten!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up a paintball gun?

Setting up the gun is neither easy nor daunting. But, you can make this process easier only by following a few easy steps.

First of all, attach the trigger frame and grip with the main body. Then put the barrel into the main body by using the valve pin. Now, you’ll need to use the velocity adjusted screw to tighten the barrel. Thereby, the pact part is assembled.

If you are setting up a mechanical gun, then you need to attach the air chamber to the main body. The attaching location may vary based on the design.

For the electric guns, put the hopper in the right place. Just like the mechanical guns, the location of electric hopper also varies from device to device.

How to shoot a paintball gun fast?

Shooting fast and accurately is the most crucial skill of any paintball player. To play like a pro, you should learn how to shoot fast. You can gain those skills only by following these tips;

Tip #1: Every gun is different in its way. Few can fire faster; few are lightweight, few can shoot further, etc. You have to choose the ones that meet your skills.

Tip #2: Align the marker with your eyes. Try to keep the gun centered with your body.

Tip #3: Be patient and stay focused. Keeping your mind focused on your opponent will allow you to fire within a short time.

How does a paintball gun work?

Before learning about the working mechanism of a paintball, at first, we should be familiar with its components. Though every gun is different, each of those has a few common parts. These includes:

  • Bolt
  • Grip
  • Slide
  • Trigger
  • Gas lines*
  • Battery*
  • CO2 cylinder*

*The availability of battery, gas lines, and CO2 cylinder depends on the paintball model.

When the paintball is fired, the ball expels from the barrel. The power source against this action varies from gun to gun. If you use an electric one, the power source will be the battery. Or, if you use the mechanical machine, it will use the carbon dioxide mixture.

How to play paintball like a pro?

Playing paintball as a pro depends on several skills. To become a pro player, you need to be a master of every ability. These includes:


  • Choosing the right gun: Choosing the right weapon is the initial step of becoming a pro player. You should be comfortable with the weapon as well as know the basics of your tool before playing.
  • Learn to keep moving and shooting: It’s mandatory for every pro paintball player. Always try to keep your aim fixed even when you are running.
  • Learn to snap shoot: Snap shooting is important for a quick attack. You can practice the rapid movement in front of the mirror. It will make you a better player.
  • Reload fast: Naturally, you’ll run out of your ammo during a match. That’s not a big deal. But the reloading speed of your ammo will make yourself a pro player.
  • Practice, practice, and practice: Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the better you become.
How to paint a paintball gun?

Using a customize paintball is the most cherished thing for every paintball player. If you want to paint your gun efficiently, you can easily do it only by following the steps mentioned below –

  1. Disassemble the weapon first.
  2. Mark the areas you want to paint.
  3. Put the dissembled gun in a clean and plain surface.
  4. Use a masking paper to wrap the area you don’t want to paint.
  5. Now paint the gun in the selected areas.
  6. After completing the painting, reassemble the gun just like before.
  7. Now let it dry and remove the masking paper.

That’s it! Your custom painted gun is ready to rock in the field!

Final Verdict

If you love combat sports, paintball could be an excellent choice for you. And you must need the best paintball gun to win the matches.Though we’ve listed some recommendations here, the decision is still yours. All that matters is enjoying the game and having fun!

Keep playing!

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