A paintball gun is the soul of the paintball game. Alternatively known as markers, it holds the power to make or break your gaming experience.

To put simply, a good marker will give you more accurate hit scores and higher game satisfaction as opposed to a poor quality marker produced to “just make do with it”.

Ironically, buying the highest quality marker won’t help if you aren’t prepared enough to handle it properly.

In short, one has to buy ‘the right thing with the right mindset.’ Thus, today I will review a paintball marker called the Planet Eclipse Etha 2. 

Want to know why in a crowd of 100 others I singled it out?  Read on to find!


Two special firing modes.

Ultra-lightweight design.

Tool-free foregrip removal.

Durable weather-resistant exterior.

Precision shooting over long-range.

Spring bolt return mechanism.

LED screen monitor.

Breeching sense technology.

68 caliber-14.5 inch barrel.


Slightly louder from other markers. But this is almost a negligible discrepancy.

Whom Is This Product Design For?

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is an advanced version of the original Etha marker. 

Reinvented with the perfect mixture of creativity, innovation, and technology – the Etha 2 is a “high-beginner” marker aimed to facilitate the newly recruited paintball enthusiasts into learning the ropes of the game.

Note the words “high-beginner” here. I purposefully used this term to emphasize the point that is not an entry-level marker for absolute beginners. Rather think of the revolutionary Etha 2 as a high-quality transition period marker.

Constructed especially for those accustomed beginners who already had experience with one or two entry-level markers, but are not satisfied, or ready enough to try mid-end category paintball guns.


Key Features

One of the most important elements of the Planet Eclipse Etha2 is its lightweight and yet tough exterior body. Designed to withstand high impact force, the exterior is specially equipped for long term guaranteed durability.

A feature that makes it an absolute hit with not just beginners but also amateurs and professionals alike.

But that’s just the beginning as in case of features, the Etha 2 has more to offer.


  • Design

The exterior of the Etha 2 is built of nylon composite. Whereas it’s interior is lined with aircraft-grade aluminum. Both these materials are acclaimed for their lightweight weather-resistant properties.

A combination of these two elements allocates the Etha 2 to reign amongst some of the toughest markers in the paintball industry to reckon.

The small 2.2-pound weight of the device makes it highly portable and poses the least fatigue threat for users. Also being nimble, the marker is easier to balance-control-focus and shoot targets efficiently every single time.

Easy on the cleaning regime, the marker uses only a single screw to clasp the central grip in a secure position. And with batteries located in the detachable front grip, it is extremely easy to take apart and replace the gun parts conveniently during regular maintenance checks.

  • Performance

Equipped with a two-part feed to encourage long shooting hours, the Etha 2 employs two firing modes. One being the ‘capped’ mode while the other ‘uncapped semi-automatic.’

Installed with the signature Breech Sensing Technology, the Etha 2 uses a pneumatically unique latch spool to control the air pressure released per shot ratios.

A feature that in effect enhances the overall firing quality and efficiency of the device.

Conveniently still, the latch spool of the Etha 2 is maneuvered by the ‘Gamma Core spool valve’. The mechanism in question armors the device in withstanding adverse weather conditions.

This makes it a splendidly dependable marker that coordinates perfectly with all seasons round the year.

  • Precision Shots

The Breech Sensing Technology of the Etha 2 can incorporate up to 4000 psi of air pressure. With such evaluations, the marker is estimated to fire 1000 shots competently before any significant drop in air pressure is noticed.

Additionally, two premium quality regulator is also placed inside the device to withstand the impact of the output pressure changes from the tank.

Being an upgraded version, the marker is further enhanced with a 0.68 calibre, 14.5 inches of spacious barrel. This in sequence permits the paintballs to maintain a straight line that when projected, executes long-range shots successfully.

Together, all these inbuilt and precautionary methods enable the Etha 2 to become a highly accurate precision shooter, which is first-rate in providing competitive advantages.

  • Noise Free Mechanism

Contrary to the original Etha paintball marker, the new and improved Etha 2 is equipped with a shorter kickback system and minimal noise projection measures.

A smaller kickback enhances aiming focus, whereas a quite marker makes it hard on your opponent to interpreting your coordinates. Hence both of these factors work together to give any user the upper hand in the game.

  • User Convenience

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is simply built for user convenience. Take for example, the LED screen monitor on the exterior body to help you keep track of shooting modes, fire shot rates, etc.

This marker further uses a hose-less airflow system and POPS ASA assembly technique to reach-refill and reload the tank at a convenient pace and ease.

Employed with a ‘spring-bolt-return system’ that automatically replaces the bolt after each fired shot, the marker is additionally very lightweight to the touch. This enables a player to carry it for long hours without encountering any fatigue or soreness of the muscles.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is paintball a dangerous sport?

Ans. : No. If you follow the rules and wear the safety gear accordingly, there is no danger in this at all.

  1. Is a paintball gun expensive?

Ans. : Yes and no. Depending on the features, quality, and brands; a paintball gun can cost anywhere from $150-$1000 and above.

  1. Is it legal to carry a paintball gun?

Ans. : In the USA, paintball gun falls under the “non-powder” gun category.

While there are no definite countrywide carrying restrictions, different states do have different policies regarding the matter. So it is advisable to check with the local authorities beforehand.

  1. Where can I play paintball?

Ans. : There are many adventure parks nowadays that offer paintball playing facilities and sessions. Hence do checkout your neighborhood to find out the closest establishments. 

  1. Do I need a uniform to play paintball?

Ans. : Not unless you are a professional paintball player taking part in a tournament. Otherwise, just wear clothes and shoes that cover the body to avoid paint stains!


Final words

Whether you are considering the budget aspect or the numbers of user-friendly features offered, there is no denying the superiority of the Planet Eclipse Etha 2.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the highest quality paintball guns in the market at the moment. It would simply be a loss to not get acquainted with such a marvelous gadget!