If you are into games that get your blood pumping, then you should be accustomed to paintball wars.

In a paintball war, there are two teams and each member is equipped with their paintball guns. These guns are used to shoot the opposite teams, and the players who are hit are disqualified from the game. 

Sounds fun, right?

And, to be on the top, you must have the best gun in the business. One of the top two guns in the game are Tippmann’s A5 and 98 custom. But which is a better option and why? Stay tuned as the argument of Tippmann A5 vs 98 Custom is finally going to be ended and, that too for good!

A5 .68 Caliber

Tippmann 98 Custom


  • Cyclone Feed System enables a rapid-fire of 15 balls per second.

  • Doesn’t require a battery to operate.

  • Can be customized quickly and efficiently.

  • 8.5-inch barrels ensures higher accuracy and ensures low noise.

  • Lighter than most conventional paintball markers/guns.

  • Shock-absorbing cap dampens recoil and reduces the damage to the gun.


  • 8/12 barrel of the marker allows high precision.

  • Doesn’t require a battery to operate as it runs on compressed gases.

  • It can easily be customized to increase its performance.

  • The marker is light, making it easy to carry.


  • The hopper is very tightly fitted to the marker.


  • The gas tank is a little fragile and prone to leakage.

  • Cannot be purchased using certain zip codes.


Tippmann A5 vs. 98 Custom

In this section, we are going to compare both the products to each other thoroughly. We have provided all the relevant information and have tried to provide a detailed discussion which will give you a clear idea on each of the product. And, therefore, it will help you understand why we have chosen this product as the best.

  • Performance and Design

If you are looking for performance, the 98 is on top of the game. It allows various extensions that can be added or removed quickly on the field.  

Tippmann 98 and A5 have similar outlooks but are different in other ways. The 98 has a more aggressive look and has a grip that goes perfectly with it. On the other hand, the A5 has a similar grip as well as a better and smoother material used for the grips.

Furthermore, the A5 has a better and firmer grip which ensures a much cooler and badass approach. 

  • Shooting Range

Tippmann is known for making paintball markers with amazing range. And, both the models have high fire rates as well as range. But the A5’s Cyclone Feed System gives it an edge in power. So, due to this, the paintballs projected from the marker travel a higher distance than usual.

  • Extensions

Both the guns allow you to easily change and add an extension to increase the performance of the markers. But the A5 has a slight advantage. Its easy locking and unlocking system allow you to easily add or remove accessories required to the task at hand.

  • Portability

The weight of both the guns are similar, which allows them better portability and allows you to carry them easily on the field. So you can run, slide, flip or do whatever form of movement you want as you carry these markers with you.

  • Noise

When it comes to noise, there isn’t much of a difference, but the A5 is better than the 98 custom. So you can take down your enemies, and they won’t even know what hit them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the two guns:

  1. What is the suitable paintball size for the guns?

Both the markers require 68 caliber paintballs.

  1. How to know that the purchased item is original?

The markers usually have a logo that states that they are made in the USA. And during purchase, there will be a certificate that confirms the authentication of the gun.

  1. Which is a better option among Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and Air?

Nitrogen actually can react with oxygen, if you heat it up hot enough and, hence, is not a good choice. CO2 is a good choice, but the air is the best amongst all of them. An air compressor is cheaper and more readily available.

  1. Are the response included with the models?

The response trigger is another extension of any of the models. So, when purchased, there is a chance that you might not get it with the package.

  1. Can a gravity hopper be used? 

Yes, a gravity hopper can be used in both the models.

  1. Are these suitable for children?

No, these guns are not for children. The paintballs that come out of the markers pack quite a punch. So, it is wise for adults to use only.

There are other markers found in the market that you can buy for your children.


Final Words – Which One to Get?

We have closely speculated all the pros and cons as well as the attribute of all the products. It is entirely our personal opinion, and yours might differ from ours. And, we agree that both the models excel in functionalities and assures amazing performance, but we lean more towards Tippmann’s A5.

It is more powerful and versatile. Though the Tippmann 98 custom is not a bad choice, it lacks in power and precision and, hence, loses to its rival, the A5.

Our last advice is that you use these products in a controlled environment and away from the reach of kids.