The Tippmannn A5 had won millions of hearts of ballers, but will it still be able to hold its ground after the release of the newer Tippmann X7?

Due to its easy usability and great value for money, the A5 has made its name and left a mark on paintballs.

Paintballers of all levels, professional or amateurs, both love the A5 because adapting to it is no trouble for anyone at all, and its ability progresses along with the users.

Tippmann claims that the new X7 will get more grabs due to its endearing adjustability. The real question that remains is whether it will stack up to the A5 or will it be just a big disappointment?

Stay with us to find out!


X7 Phenom Mechanical .68 Paintball Marker

Tipmann A5 .68 Paintball Marker


  • Extremely lightweight and portable.

  • Provides a user-friendly experience

  • Can be powered with a battery as well as other sources.

  • Has a strong build which saves it from the drops.

  • The shooting rate is tremendous with about 9 balls shot per second.

  • Wood balls would work flawlessly with this marker.


  • This marker is reliable and will last you a long time.

  • Simple to use and maintain.

  • An absolute bang for the buck.

  • Easily upgradable.

  • Has a decent firing rate.

  • Carbon dioxide intake is significantly lower.


  • Makes a lot of noise when items are placed in storage.

  • Custom barrels cannot be used with this marker.

  • Has a high price tag, which might not be the catch for everyone.


  • Not the most comfortable marker out there due to its slightly bigger size.

  • Needs a lot of power to be operated.

  • Not as customizable as the X7.

Features difference between Tippmann A5 & X7 Paintball Marker


Both the A5 and X7 fire from a blowback system which is also sometimes known as an open bolt system. So both of these markers can get about 15 shots per second using a response trigger and a whopping 20 shots per second with an E trigger!

The A5 got a lot of eyeballs looking at it due to its advanced cyclone feed system at that time, which made freeing jams a breeze.

On the other hand, the X7 has an even more advanced air through a stock system which makes it easier to use on a remote line. A similarity between them is that they both have a safety switch; however, the X7 has the upper hand over with a more improved HK style selector.

You should know these two of the markers are well streamlined and are extremely smooth; thanks to their non-reciprocating charging handle.

The X7 has quite a few things the A5 has missed out on. For context, RIS rails, trigger packs, tool storage inside the magazine, and not to forget its ridiculous customizability.

After saying all those good things about the X7, we must also add that its price is substantially higher than the A5, which is why the A5 is considered to be more of a bang for the buck.



The X7 has a modernized lightweight and compact design made out of robust aluminum, with a rifle like finish. On the contrary, A5 has a larger structure with a more realistic look and feel of a real gun making it one of the most effective markers out there.

Another thing to be noted is that the X7 is a hyped collaboration between Special Ops and Tippmann paintballs. The product that they have released is a worthy somewhat of a successor.



Although the A5 was released quite a while back, it is one of the most upgradeable markers you can find in the market.

However, the X7 is way more customizable than the A5. Out of the several things that it can be turned into, some of them are an M4, a scar rifle, a UMP and a MP5. We must say that the X7 really creates a base for its users out there.



The pricing of the two markers are in slightly different categories. The A5 falls in the budget-friendly category coming within around $240, whereas the X7 is closer to the premium-midrange with a price tag of more or less around $300.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do any of these markers come with an air tank in the box?

Ans. : No, unfortunately, they do not.

  1. Are both of the markers automatic?

Ans. : No, actually both of them are semi-automatic.

  1. Which would be a better pick for beginners?

Ans. : Since the A5 has a quite cheaper price tag, it is safer for beginners to buy it instead of the X7.

  1. What is the estimate of balls the provided barrel of the A5 can hold?

Ans. : It can hold exactly 200 balls.

  1. Do both of them have a safety switch on two sides?

Ans. : Only the X7 features a two-side safety switch.

  1. Are the barrels changeable?

Ans. : Yes, the barrels for the X7 and A5 are replaceable.

  1. Which rails do each of these markers have?

Ans. : The A5 has a dovetail rail, while the X7 Phenom has the RIS rail.

  1. Do they come with hoppers?

Ans. : Yes, each of them comes with a low-profile hopper.

  1. Can these products be used with attachments?

Ans. : Yes they are suitable with numerous attachments including a red dot.

  1. Does the response trigger make cleaning more difficult?

Ans. : Not at all.


Final Words – Which One Should You Get?

After going through this comparison, you should be able to figure out which one of the two markers is the perfect fit for your needs. If you’re still torn, then we’ll break it down for you.

If you are just starting out, the A5 would definitely be the one for you, due to its vastly better worth.

The A5 will also satisfy you guys out there who have a slimmer budget without an issue. However, we would like to conclude that if you have the extra cash and you are an enthusiast, the X7 would be a better option with its special features