Tippmann is considered one of the best in the paintball marker realm. They ensure high performance as well as durability and efficiency. And, their 98 Custom and the Cronus are one of their best creations.

During a paintball war, apart from marksmanship and team effort, the other deciding factor for a win are the markers owned by each team. And if you want a quality marker, then the two products are perfect for you. But which one is the best?

If you want to put an end to this debate of Tippmann 98 Custom Vs Cronus, then stick along a bit longer and by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which one to choose.


Now, let us show you the pros and cons of both the products –

98 Custom

Action Village Tippmann Cronus


  • 8 and a half-inch barrel ensures the accuracy during shooting.

  • 68 caliber paintball is used.

  • Made of aluminum which makes the gun strong and durable.

  • Feeder which has a quick release system for rapid fire.

  • Easy to make modifications on the gun.

  • Doesn’t need battery to operate.


  • Uses 68 caliber paintballs.

  • Good performance and easy to maintain which is great for rookies.

  • Can be upgraded to take the gun’s performance to the next level.

  • Uses compressed gases such as CO2, N2 or air to fire paintballs at a rapid pace.

  • Easy to hold due to its rubber grip which has tiny gaps for your fingers to be placed there.

  • Reduced recoil enables users to fire without hinderance.

  • Has a long barrel which allows better accuracy.

  • Doesn’t require battery or any external source to operate.


  • Cannot be purchased with certain zip codes.


  • Has a long barrel which allows better accuracy.

Tippmann 98 Custom Vs Cronus – Head to Head

Below, we are going to compare both the products feature by feature.


  • Construction

It doesn’t require close observation to notice the difference between the 98 and the Cronus. 

Let’s start with the 98. The Tippmann 98 has an old school touch to it. It is very similar to the Tommy gun.

Whereas, Cronus has a more futuristic look! Though its wider barrel can sometimes cause uncomfortable hold when using the machine. But, apart from that, the Cronus is the most lucrative design Tippmann has come up with. 


  • The Shooting

Tippmann’s 98 has better accuracy when compared with Cronus. The marker has a control system that allows you to set the fire rate, starting from 8 shots per second to up to 15. Also, the gun has ‘shoot as long as the trigger is pressed’ mechanism which allows you to barrage opponent with high-speed paintballs. 

On the other hand, Cronus ensures a better shooting rate as well as more power. 


  • Extension and Modification

One of the biggest advantages of using Tippmann’s guns is that they allow a huge variety of extensions.

Herein, the 98 Custom beats the Cronus in this department. The gun is more than capable of accommodating numerous add-ons at a time which will surely enhance the performance of the gun.


  • Heaviness

When it comes to portability and weight, the 98 is much much lighter than its futuristic brother. It weighs only 2.9 pounds in weight, allowing you to move more easily and more swiftly in a battle.

The Cronus, weighing around 5 pounds, is much bulkier than the 98 and can hinder your movement.


  • Noise

In this part, Cronus takes the prize! The gun’s modern attributes decrease the sound during a firing session. But, the 98 which is much older makes a pop sound every time during firing.

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Can children use paintball guns?

Ans.: The minimum age requirement for using paintball guns is 8. Regardless of that, parents of children must know what kind of game this is and need to decide whether their children have enough maturity to play the game.

  1. Can one consider paintball as a safe sport?

Ans.: It is known to be one of the safest sport ever played. You are less likely to get injured while playing this game. However, there are certain rules you need to follow, and you have to handle your gun properly or else there is always a chance of getting injured.

  1. Can one use Nitrogen with the guns?

Ans.: Yes, nitrogen can be used with these guns. But it’s better to use carbon dioxide or compressed air with them.

  1. Is using compressed air a suitable option over carbon dioxide?

Ans.: You would be able to shoot your shots more uniformly when using compressed air. So yes, using this kind of gas over carbon dioxide is a good and suitable option.

  1. Can the FPS of the gun is running be checked?

Ans.: It is possible to check the FPS of the gun with the speed tester at the range.

  1. Which is a fuel option?

Ans.: Both the models can be operated using Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Air.

We suggest you to use CO2 and Air as they are readily available and can be purchased at the lowest prices.


Final Words – Which One to Choose

Different people have different preferences. If budget is not a huge issue, then we would ask you to choose the Cronus. Its unique features, futuristic look and top-notch quality, has made a special place in our hearts.

But the Tippman 98 is also a great option when you have a tight budget yet you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of having some fun time.

Which one do you think is better than the other? Let us know in the comment section below. Cheerios!