Ain’t paintball fun? You get the satisfaction to shoot somebody without killing them – that look of awe across their faces and that shot of color across their clothes –  a real delight!

Now, whether you are looking to buy for business or for a personal collection, you must get a gun that will give you the satisfaction of the ultimate paint release. If you’ve been looking for some time, you may have shortened down the list to a few selects.

If not, then congratulations, you have made a clean jump through all the subpar guns in the market. Today, we get straight into a comparison between two of the most debated upon paintball guns that people get stuck on. We’ll give you a Tippmann Gryphon vs 98 Custom review here.

Gryphon .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball


  • Very comfortable to keep a grip on.

  • Supports a 10-inch barrel for many color options.

  • The smooth trigger for players of all levels of expertise.

  • Will shoot 8 balls every second with a lot of accuracy and speed.

  • It has a focus feed design which allows it to have a high mobility.


  • Will save the cost of gas refills.

  • Has a light-weight construction.

  • The smooth edges of the gun will save you from blisters.

  • Very comfortable to hold because of its weight and build.

  • Suited for beginners to use in order to strengthen their skills.


  • Does not offer liberties with modifications.


  • The barrel may get displaced from the receiver.

Tippmann Gryphon vs 98 Custom – Key Differences

Both of these guns are made by the same company. However, they are of different worlds. Both desirable, it’s no wonder that you might be confused. We’ll try to help you make a decision among them.


  • Performance

Let’s start with the Gryphon because it is a 0.68 calibre gun, which is the most desirable size for all the passionate paintball players out there. It is desirable as such because it allows its users the wings of freedom to try out different styles and games. This is more suited to the seasoned player.

If you are a beginner, you will be better suited to the 98 Custom. This gun is powerful without being tricky. You will be able to ease your way into the game by learning with the robust yet basic set up of this gun. It is a semi-automatic and has a shooting rate of 8 balls per second.


  • Shooting Prowess

Gryphon is a gun that gives users a high by firing shots at great velocities, and thus it also gives them an upper hand in most games without dragging along the tag of cheating. Due to this speedy advantage, this is the most sought after gun for paintball competitions!

98 Custom is a gun that endorses accurate shots. The trigger is sized for convenience and will give you more control with your shots. You may not vouch for this gun to win you competitions, but it will definitely help you build proper muscles to be a future winner.


  • Reliability

One big setback you will face with many of these guns is that they cause the paintballs to break before shooting them out. But the 98 Custom is immune to this kind of breakage because it has an anti-chopping mechanism built into it, which helps it to deliver paintballs without breakage.

Now, there is no such mechanism in terms of the Gryphon, but that doesn’t cause a setback in this case because the gun has a blade trigger, which is very smooth and responsive. Added to this is the advantage of the high impact body, which keeps the gun stable and makes shots accurate.


  • How’s the Hold?

Both of these guns are comfortable to hold. Gryphon is a high-impact, robust build, and a sleek body. 98 Custom is a semi-automatic with rails along the top of its body where you will be able to add a handle, and also make other modifications as per your necessity.

Both the guns have an in-line bolt system, and they are both lightweight tools. Also, they are both very cool-looking. So in terms of looks and feels, they are both on the same level. Preference just comes down to your expertise as a player and your personal taste in paintball equipment.


  • Price

Gryphon retails at a much, much higher price than the 98 Custom. The staggering difference in prices is due to the composition of the construction of these two devices.

Also, in case of appearance, you will notice that the Gryphon has a much sleeker look than the 98 Custom, which looks bulky in comparison. However, in terms of application, they are quite at par with each other.

If you are a professional, you may consider getting the Tippmann Gryphon. But if you’re not, we’d say the Tippmann 98 Custom is much more justified in its pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any age restriction for playing paintball?

Ans:- Yes, the colors may be harmful to children. So it is recommended that the player be at least 8 years old before their first participation.

  1. What else do I need for playing?

Ans:- You will need eye protection. So wear goggles. Gloves are also recommended for personal safety.

  1. Anything I need to keep in mind while using these guns?

Ans:- You must put the protective covers back on so that the gun doesn’t start shooting at random people accidentally.

  1. Will I be able to get these two guns for rent?

Ans:- Yes, absolutely! Paintball associations generally rent out to players. So you don’t need to buy one for yourself if you are not playing in serious competitions.

  1. When should I not choose a particular paintball gun for purchase?

Ans:- The purchase should be out of the question if the gun you are looking at does not have a safety cover on their barrel and a trigger guard to keep accidental shots at bay.


Final Words – Which One to Get?

The debate of Tippmann Gryphon vs 98 custom may drag on for long. But you should make your decision based on your level of expertise in the area. Don’t take it lightly; paintball is serious business.

If you are a beginner, we’d say that you should go with the 98 Custom in order to learn first. When you have learnt enough, take the Gryphon in hand to go for the kill.